Non-payment of salaries at Valencia CF by Peter Lim

The economic situation of the Che club begins to worsen with this new news that splashes the largest shareholder and its entire organization, which is accused of failing to make payments for this and the following months.

Another market was finished in which the Valencia CF leaves empty-handed and they will still have trouble paying the bills. payroll of this semester. It is assumed that the reason why they did not close a single signing in this winter window was for economic reasons that primarily pointed to the salary mass.

This morning information has leaked from the Valencia CF quite picky about that payroll. The top shareholder of the black and white team (Peter Lim) has met with the players to explain the situation. These statements are the same as always, there is no money.

Peter Lim came up with a temporary solution to players that they didn’t like very much.

The solution proposed by Peter Lim to pay this month’s payroll at Valencia

The economic crisis has been, is and will be a never-ending problem in the Valencianista team. However, this time it seems that things are more serious than usual. The club did not sign anything and even so it does not have the financial resources to cover the salaries of the players in this and the coming months.

The Singaporean businessman has met with all the Valencia players to propose a temporary solution, while the situation gets better. This is based on paying half the token for now, and while the maximum shareholder makes some injections of money. But that is not the worst of the matter, since the payment of that 50% of the salary will be done through promissory notes.

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Valencianism insists that Peter Lim must sell Valencia CF

This news about payrolls has further exacerbated the tense relationship between pure Valencianism and Meriton Holdings. And it is that Peter Lim’s company issues the clearest arguments that agree with the Valencia fans, in that the Singaporean has made a terrible administrative management since he landed in Mestalla.

The idea of ​​Valencianism that Peter Lim should sell the team remains firmer than ever, and the arguments to achieve it are increasingly solid. The bad thing for the rest of the team is that this economic situation is also dragging down sports, since the players could find themselves unmotivated to face the remaining games of the season.

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