Home Tech Nokia Files Legal Action Against OPPO Over Patents

Nokia Files Legal Action Against OPPO Over Patents

Nokia Files Legal Action Against OPPO Over Patents

For several years Nokia has been suing various businesses across the world with varying degrees of success: in some places, it wins, and in others, it does not. This is how the company managed to land the jackpot with Lenovo and Daimler (owner of the Mercedes-Benz brand), who were required to pay additional compensation for breach of patents. And they also reached licensing agreements for the right to use technologies that are the intellectual property of Nokia.

Until recently, everything was going well in the relationship between Oppo and Nokia, and the Chinese company regularly paid compensation for the use of the Nokia patents. But for some reason, the OPPO refused to renew the license agreement signed in 2018, which permits the use of a number of patents. We do not know the reason for this position of the Chinese company.

Nokia, in turn, declares that OPPO continues to use the Technology without a corresponding license agreement, which violates their rights and they must answer for it. The company has taken legal action against the Chinese company in four countries: Germany, France, England, and India.

Nokia claims that negotiations with OPPO to renew the license agreements were in progress, but this, unfortunately, denied their “fair and reasonable offers”. The lawsuit is an extreme and coercive measure, as the Chinese have refused to settle the dispute out of court.

HMD Global, which manufactures smartphones under the brand Nokia, has a very complicated relationship with flagship products. After the launch of Nokia 9 PureView which did not impress users, there were rumors about the release of Nokia 9.1, 9.2, and 9.3; but we have never seen any of these devices. However, in a few months, it looks like everything will change. HMD’s product manager in China said the launch of the new flagship is scheduled to take place on November 11.

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