Nintendo announces the release date for the new Super Mario Bros. film

Nintendo And Enlightenment have increased the excitement among fans of the universe once again Super Mario Bros.. with the announcement of a new film project inspired by this emblematic universe. Shigeru Miyamotosymbolic figure of Nintendoshared the news, promising a bright and entertaining story that will delve even deeper into the colorful and rich world of Mario.

Without confirming whether it is a direct sequel to the first film Super Mario Bros.., Miyamoto Terms are used that suggest the film may be breaking new ground, perhaps focusing on other popular characters who didn’t feature prominently in the previous adventure. This narrative choice opens up a field of endless possibilities to expand the Mario universe with new adventures and encounters.

The collaboration between Nintendo And Enlightenment Because the first film was praised for its authenticity and respect for the spirit of the original video games, creating a cinematic adaptation that has captured the hearts of fans. The producers Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenicas well as the team fromlighting studios Parisare back for this project and guarantee artistic continuity and attention to detail that should delight the audience.

Speculation about which characters could be included is already in full swing, and there is talk of possible spin-offs based on characters like Donkey Kongplayed by Seth Rogenor a deeper exploration of Bowser, played by Jack Black. These characters provide fertile ground for compelling stories that could enrich the cinematic universe of Super Mario in unexpected ways.

Although detailed information about the plot and cast remains secret for now, the commitment of the teams at Nintendo And of enlightenment to expand the world Mario It’s obvious that it stays true to its heritage. Fans around the world are encouraged to mark their calendars for the expected release date of this highly anticipated cinematic project: the April 3, 2026. The announcement of this specific date promises a wait full of anticipation and excitement for fans of the universe Super Mario Bros..

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