Nintendo announces that it will repair branded products affected by the earthquake in Japan free of charge

Japanese video game maker Nintendo today promised to repair free of charge its products affected by Japan's powerful New Year's quake announced a donation of 50 million yen (more than 310,000 euros).. The company, based in Kyoto, about 350 kilometers southwest of the earthquake's epicenter, will repair suitable products, whether they are under warranty or not, according to a statement released on Tuesday.

The valid deadline for repair requests is extended to July 1st and the application can be submitted via an online form or by mail cash on delivery, the company said. The video game developer and distributor also announced via its profile on the social network that this was considered “extremely serious” by the Japanese authorities.

The announcement comes two weeks after the magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck the Noto Peninsula region of Japan on January 1, on the west coast of the country's center. The quake, which peaked at 7 on the Japanese seismic scale (which focuses on measuring surface motion and its destructive potential), There have been 222 dead, 22 missing and more than a thousand injured There are many different types of conflict and the devastation is causing around 19,000 people to be displaced.

Severe damage to infrastructure, roads and paths makes many areas of the peninsula inaccessible More than 400 people remain isolated. In these circumstances, Nintendo was one of the companies that came together with monetary donations to help the region, for which it prayed “for a speedy recovery” and wanted to provide additional support with the repairs.

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