NFT Seller Makes Painful Mistake, Sells Expensive Ape For Just $200

The great thing about the blockchain is that there is no central party between the two parties that make a transaction. However, this can also be a major disadvantage if you make a wrong transaction, since there is no one who can reverse the transaction. This happened, for example, with the owner of a non-fungal token (NFT).

Ape #6462 sells for only $200

Sunday tweeted Boredapebota Twitter account tracking the sale of NFTs from the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection, that Ape #6462 recently sold for just USD 200, or $200.

Of course there are those who say that $200 is still a lot for a picture of a monkey, however, BAYC NFTs are one of the most expensive and prestigious NFTs out there. The minimum price you would pay for such a picture of a monkey is 101 Ethereum (ETH), or nearly $206,000. Ape #6462 was also one of the rarest apes around as he wore several rare accessories such as a bone necklace, pizza, and helmet.

So it is possible that the seller thought he was getting an offer of 200 ETH, about $400,000, instead of $200. This sale would immediately mean that the seller of the monkey has given a discount of 99.9%.

Tax evasion?

Where one thinks it all happened by accident, the other thinks there is more behind it. For example, it was already mentioned that it was possible to avoid tax, or a way to make a gift without having to pay gift tax.

It is noteworthy that this NFT has been sold a number of times for around 2 ETH, $7,000 at the time of the transaction. The monkey has also changed hands five times, according to its history.

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Additionally, it can be seen that the seller’s account on OpenSea, the NFT marketplace, was created just this month and the $200 bid was accepted within minutes of being placed.

While it all seems very suspicious, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. In the past, another ape has also sold for just $54.

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