NFL approves having a third quarterback on game days

The defeat of the san francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game, when both of his quarterbacks were injured, has led to a new rule in the NFL.

A rule that, by the way, was proposed by the Philadelphia Eaglesexecutioners of the Niners in the prelude to the Super Bowl, at the beginning of the year.

The NFL approved this Monday the teams that have a third quarterback game days beginning in the 2023 season.

“Each team may designate an emergency third quarterback from its active/inactive list of 53 players who will be eligible to be activated during the game if the first two quarterbacks are unable to participate in the game due to injury,” the league said in a statement. release.

In the NFC Championship, San Francisco ran out of quarterbacks in a 31-7 loss to Philadelphia. First the owner was injured brock purdy in the first quarter, and later the substitute was hurt Josh Johnson.

Without another active quarterback, the 49ers had to re-enter Purdy, but the then-rookie couldn’t throw the ball with an elbow injury, so San Francisco’s offense ran the ball until late in the game.

The conditions

In order for the third passer to be used, he must be on the 53-player roster prior to the start of the season, that is, cannot be called up from the practice squad. Also, he can only play if the other two quarterbacks are injured or ejected.

If one of the injured quarterbacks is cleared to return to the game, the third must return to the bench.

The emergency quarterback existed in the NFL from 1991 to 2010.

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