Neymar escapes a million-dollar fine for alleged environmental violations in Brazil

The Justice of Rio de Janeiro imposed a fine of more than three million dollarsfiled a lawsuit against star Neymar last year over alleged environmental violations in the construction of an artificial lake at his villa on the outskirts of the Brazilian city.

In the decision, dated Monday but obtained this Wednesday by AFP, Judge Adriana Ramos de Mello of the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro cites a report from the regional environmental agency INEA, which recognizes that for the work on the property no permits were required. Environment.

“Since the fines were imposed in the millions, the further demand (…) will entail significant, disproportionate and even illegal disadvantages for the player,” the judge concluded.

Neymar was fined in July 2023 by the attorney general of Mangaratiba, a tourist community about 130 km from Rio where the current Saudi Al-Hilal figure makes his home.

The sanction, set at more than 16 million reais, equivalent to $3.3 million at the time, amounted to “environmental violations in the construction of an artificial lake in the player’s villa,” Mangaratiba’s environment minister said at the time.

For the municipality, the “dozens of violations identified” included “carrying out work subject to environmental controls without a permit,” “taking and diverting river water without a permit,” and “removing land and suppressing vegetation without a permit.” Permit”.

But in her decision, the judge supported the advocacy of the regional environmental institute.

“The INEA inspection (…) has confirmed that no (environmental) license is required for such activities” and that the alleged violations reported by the prosecutor’s office “did not exist,” he explained.

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The “10” of the Brazilian national team bought the Mangaratiba mansion in 2016. According to Brazilian media, it covers 10,000 square meters of land and includes a helipad, a spa and a gym.


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