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New Mamardashvili exhibition accelerates Valencia CF’s plans: substitute that raises passions

Mamardashvili aims to leave Valencia CF transferred this next summer market and the Valencian sports management has already decided who should be his replacement

The performances of Mamardashvili in this final stretch of the season are taking Valencia CF out of a situation that seemed dramatic. Against Real Madrid, the Georgian goalkeeper once again shone with his own light with two saves that secured the three points. In the club they already know that it is one of the clearest sales of this summer. But there is substitute.

This situation, together with the high market value of the Georgian goalkeeper, makes his departure practically inevitable this summer. especially because Valencia CF has set its sights on a young goalkeeper to replace Mamardashvili. A young goalkeeper who is the son of a legend of the Che team.

Mamardashvili will leave Valencia CF
Lucas Cañizares, on Valencia CF’s radar

Exhibition Mamardashvili on display at Valencia CF

At the moment, Valencia CF has Iago Herrerín and Jaume Domenech as substitute goalkeepers. But the first of them will not continue for the team next season and the second will come after a serious injury. That is why the idea of ​​the club is to incorporate a young goalkeeper who can continue to grow with the confidence of Rubén Baraja.

Many are the footballers they have followed during the year, but finally the cast has been reduced to practically one name. This name is the Lucas Cañizares, who currently plays for Real Madrid Castilla. However, in the white subsidiary he has barely had minutes and everything indicates that he will put an end to his stage at the Madrid club this summer.

Lucas Cañizares wants to emulate his father

In addition to his sporting situation, which is not at all positive at the moment, It should be noted that Lucas Cañizares was born in Valencia. Specifically during the stage of his father defending the colors of the Che club, where he is very loved because he was there for ten seasons. Now, a new Cañizares could return to the club.

Definitely, the signing of Lucas Cañizares by Valencia CF It is something that generates certain expectations in the fans. At the moment he has not had the opportunity to stand out in a first team, but the fact of having reached the Madrid subsidiary already shows that he has great potential. Especially for a team that next season aims to be in the lower zone of the standings again.

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