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Netflix could let you play games on TVs using your phone as a remote control

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Netflix is ​​primarily a movie and series streaming service, but it could also be your next gaming platform.

A recent report suggests that Netflix may soon allow gamers to play games on their TVs using their phones as a controller. It may be part of Netflix’s mission to lean on the gaming business to attract subscribers, something it has been doing for the past two years.

At the moment, the only proof we have is some lines of code inside the Netflix app which suggests that people will be able to connect their phones to their TVs or streaming devices to play games.


Netflix subscribers have access to over 50 games that they can play for free, but only on mobile devices. You need to download the game as a standalone app and log in with your Netflix data to play.

These are not necessarily games related to Netflix content. One of the most prominent mobile games on Netflix is inside the gapa popular and beloved tactical strategy game originally released in 2018.

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