Necomplus supports its brand as a member of the ASEE GROUP

Necomplus is the technological innovation partner in the payment industry, supporting banks and fintech companies since 1993. Over the course of its long history The company has expanded its portfolio of proprietary solutions and services and developed into a global playerIt serves the main players in the payments sector in Iberia and Latin America.

Necomplus began its internationalization process by integrating in 2010 with Asseco (ACP), one of the largest software providers in Europe. In 2019, as a result of a restructuring of the payments business at Asseco, Necomplus became part of the ASEE Group payments division called Payten. Since 2019, Necomplus supported its brand with “Member of Payten” as its corporate brand.

The Spanish multinational, a benchmark in the payments industry, continues to be led by two of its founding members: Juan Vicente Cantó, Executive President; and Alejandro Moya, Head of Technical Services, along with Lorenzo Campos, CEO, who joined in 2011.

A unique perception of solidity And trustworthy

Necomplus, synonymous with innovation, commitment, flexibility and proactivity for its customers, has created a valuable brand, registered in Europe and Latin America, whose image has distinctive characteristics and visual elements that contribute to it a unique perception of solidity and trust.

In order to further strengthen its brand and its intangible value, Necomplus today begins to endorse its main brand with “Member of ASEE Group” as the corporate brand instead of “Member of Payten”, thus preserving its position, reputation and visual identity Markets in which it operates. With this change, Necomplus strengthens its global ambitions, not only offering solutions for payment methods, but also covering ASEE Group’s extensive portfolio of technological solutions in the banking and retail sectors.

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Therefore, Thanks to Necomplus’s ability to maximize synergies and collaboration on key projects in the payments sector, ASEE Group will gain international presence.

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