Nearly 2,000 migrants try to enter the Spanish enclave of Melilla

They arrived together. Nearly 2,000 migrants tried to enter Melilla from Morocco on Friday June 24 and 130 succeeded, according to the prefecture of the Spanish enclave, which established a new assessment of this massive entry. She had announced earlier that more than 400 had tried to enter Melilla.

Spanish law enforcement spotted a group approaching the border around 6:40 a.m. “A large group of 500 people from sub-Saharan African countries” forced entry from border control and “at least 130 people” managed to enter Melilla, added a spokesman for the prefecture.

Located on the northern coast of Morocco, Melilla and the other Spanish enclave of Ceuta are the only land borders of the European Union on the African continent. They are regularly the subject of entry attempts by migrants seeking to reach Europe. This attempt at massive entry into one of the two enclaves is the first since the normalization in mid-March of relations between Madrid and Rabat, after a diplomatic quarrel of almost a year.

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