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Muslim Women Protest in Iran: Muslim women throwing hijab and burqa on the streets, now Iran government has taken a big decision


Muslim Women Protest in Iran- India TV Hindi News

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Muslim Women Protest in Iran


  • wearing islamic hijab
  • Calling for an end to the influence of Islamic religious leaders
  • appear to have clashed with the officers

Muslim Women Protest in Iran: Protesters clashed with security forces across Iran on Friday morning following the death of a young woman in police custody. State television said the death toll in the violence could be as high as 26. The women of the country have taken to the streets against the Islamic dress code. The level of protest in many Iranian cities and towns is unclear. The movement reflects widespread unrest after the 2019 agitation. Human rights groups had said about the agitation in 2019 that hundreds of people were killed in it. Iran has also blocked access to the Internet, according to Internet watcher Netblox.

social media banned

Popular social media platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp, used for organizing rallies, have also been banned. A newscaster on state television said late Thursday that 26 protesters and policemen have been killed since last Saturday’s protests following the funeral of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini. He said official figures would be released later, but the Iranian government has not officially released the death toll in such incidents in the past. At least 11 people have been killed in the violence, according to a figure from The Associated Press based on statements from state and semi-official media.

Iran’s criticism around the world

Qazvin’s deputy governor, Abolhassan Kabiri, recently said a civilian and a paramilitary officer were killed in violence in two towns in the northwestern province. The current violence in Iran began after the death of a young woman from the northwestern Kurdish city of Amini, who was arrested last week in Tehran by the country’s ethics police for violating a strict dress code. His death has been strongly condemned by Western countries and the United Nations, and the incident has sparked outrage across the country.

women throwing hijab

The video shows Amini wearing a long black gown (abaya) and a government-mandated Islamic hijab at the time of her arrest. After the incident, a large number of women took to the streets to protest against the hijab and videos of many women burning the hijab amid slogans of freedom have surfaced. Some are calling for an end to the influence of Islamic religious leaders on the regime. The protesting dictators are seen raising slogans like Death and Mullahs have to go. Thousands of Iranians have been accused of social and political repression in at least 13 cities, from the capital Tehran to Amini’s Kurdish hometown of Sakez.

Arrest for attending rallies

Demonstrating on the streets. Videos on social media show protesters setting a police vehicle on fire and clashing with officers in Tehran. In the video, gunshots are also heard in the capital and people can be heard saying, “They are shooting people. Oh God! They are killing people.” In the northwestern city of Neshabur, protesters rejoiced when a police vehicle overturned. Meanwhile, radical groups demonstrated in support of the government in Iran. They were raising slogans against America and Israel. Iran’s intelligence ministry warned on Friday that people should not attend “illegal” rallies in the streets, or else they would be prosecuted.

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