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Mudryk, more trouble than goals at Chelsea

Mudryk, more trouble than goals at Chelsea

Mykhaylo Mudryk is 22 years old and his landing in the English league is not as expected from what he had shown at the start of the season. He has not performed at the moment with the Chelsea shirt. A complicated adaptation for the Ukrainian, who is affected because he still has a large part of his family in conflict territory due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. A few months that are tarnishing with small extra-sports messes.

If he is no longer a welcome person at the Emirates Stadium by Arsenal fans, since he preferred to sign for his rival Chelsea and not for the gunners. To this is added that he has been involved in various troubles. The last one just a few days ago. When Mudryk posted on his social networks a video recorded in a gym in which an elderly person could be seen training on one of the machines and to whom his pants played a trick on him and showed his ass. Mudryk used the video to taunt the person in question. A publication that has unleashed criticism and that has put a footballer who has been worth almost €100M in the spotlight (70+30 in variables paid by Chelsea to Shakhtar).

And that already in January he was accused of being a racist and had to apologize after posting another video on his social networks. The winger would come out, along with a friend, reciting a song by American rapper Lil Baby, Freestyle, in which he uttered the word ‘nigga’ several times. A despicable and highly deprororable action in British society. “Mykhailo deeply regrets any offense caused by the video posted on his TikTok account last July. Although his intention was only to recite the lyrics of a song, Mykhailo regrets his decision and wholeheartedly accepts that it was inappropriate.” The English Federation announced that it was entering to investigate the matter.

They are not the only two Mudryk controversies in England. Another day he was in the news because he gave a ‘like’ to a post on social networks in which his partner Cucurella was criticized. Although he later recanted. Not to mention that there was much talk in the English press about his presence in Madrid, together with his partner João Félix, to see the men’s final of the Madrid Open Mutua.

Zero goals in half a season

Under all that patina of trouble is his poor performance on the pitch. He is a signing for the future for Stamford Bridge, but he has hardly had any impact beyond a hopeful debut against Liverpool. Sixteen games and zero goals. Just 700 minutes of play. Very little significance this season of the winger at Chelsea in trouble. Mudryk has been more news outside than on the field.

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