Movistar Estudiantes disaster against Almansa

Movistar Estudiantes is very lost right now. The data says it: after the 75-78 defeat this Sunday against Almansa (15th in the standings before the duel), add the sixth of the season in 23 games, the third in the last four games. And the sensations say it: there is weakness and there is no defense. He had disappeared. Nobody knows very well where it has been. No intensity. No intelligence. There is a giant leak sharpened because Larsen has not been since his injury. And, behind him, the rest cascades down. Without resistance behind, without any intensity (the worst sin) and with carajas linked in the marking, there is no rebound and without a rebound you don’t run, and you have to attack static… and it is not very encouraging: loose three-pointers, individual plays without movement by those who do not have the ball. The game in the post is no longer conjugated in the Ramiro.

A tremendous, shameful disaster that Javi Rodríguez does not solve. Or I can not. Or don’t know. Any of the three options is a drama for an Estu who seems to dwarf with the passing of the weeks, with the course already very advanced and the rest of the direct rivals for the promotion in palpable growth. Evils and more evils that a serious Almansa delved into (To Caesar what is Caesar’s): immense start, he did not get nervous when the schoolboys tried to turn the score around. He took off from the start with Fernández and Smith, he lost his nerves with Mutic in the third quarter and almost solved the game with Edu Martínez.

He did not take a better score from the Palace because Leimanis went into a trance with 10 points in a row (he closed with 21) in the last two minutes that brought the score from 65-74 to 75-76 with just six seconds left. The Latvian missed a free kick that would have tied the game at 76. Bivia and Mutic did not miss from the personal and the victory traveled in the direction of Almansa.

The beginning was an accumulation of nonsense for the schoolboys, who in the blink of an eye were already 10 down (5-15) with an almost unblemished shooting card from their rival: 6 of 7 from the field. In just five minutes, Almansa had turned WiZink upside down: the pace was theirs with simple attacks that cut through the weak local defense like a hot knife through butter. Javi Rodríguez called for time, Leimanis committed his second foul in just three minutes and Larsen was little before Smith’s push in the area. A barefoot dog, come on. Nerves ran through the stands. And the court. The Castilians took advantage: 8-20, min. 6. Fernández lashed out from the perimeter. The Ramireños, kill or be killed from triple, went hunting for their prey with more faith than head.

The departure of Agbelese somewhat improved Madrid’s containment. But nothing compared to the aggressiveness in the pressure on the base of Sola (mysteriously disappeared in the second half), who with Franch without spark and Leimanis on the bench due to fouls, had to return to that position of false ‘one’ that he has occupied a quarter of the season due to Atencia’s injury. In the other part of the field, Rubén Domínguez pulled bullfighting caste to narrow the gap on the scoreboard… but not even for those. El Almansa continued sailing calmly during the first eight minutes of the second quarter. A three-minute rush, with Jorgensen and Hughes at the controls, brought a 9-2 run that left the score open for the third period: 34-38. new party. Set ball saved. Some respite for Rodríguez and his boys.

Everything seemed to change after the break. A triple by beard from Hughes and Alderete tied at 40. The wind was blowing in favor of the schoolboys… but Mutic came to a boil from the perimeter. He left the student escalation, which was approaching and moving away, nothing. He brushed his fingers against a comeback that never came. It was a want and I can’t that with 6 minutes to go it already seemed unsolvable: 57-68. It wasn’t the marker, it was the feeling of manifest impossibility. From a team launched by the heart, headless and crazy before another who saw the bombshell of the day too close to let it escape. And they didn’t do it despite Leimanis. The Estu bleeds out. And he’s all so tired again that he doesn’t want to trust anything.

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