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Mourinho dissatisfied after draw, but defends Lloris


Tottenham drew this Sunday to a goal with Crystal Palace and José Mourinho said in the end that “what he feared most” happened. Kane gave Tottenham the lead at 12, but Schupp drew for Palace at 81.

“I have experience in football and I told the players that this could happen, and it did. To play against Palace we have to have the ball, we have to create chances. Now we can look at the game from two perspectives: we lost two points or we have one more than yesterday. I am never satisfied with just one point and when we don’t win it is either due to the opponent’s merit or because we should do more. Today was a bit of both, “he told the BBC.

“I want to believe that we didn’t win because we couldn’t. At halftime I spent a few minutes talking to them about what could happen in the second half, it ended up happening, if we let them cross into the area we could find ourselves in trouble, ”he told Sky Sports, excusing a mistake by goalkeeper Hugo Lloris in the Palace goal:

“I have the best goalkeeper in the Premier League.”

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