Moscow shields itself for Navalni’s funeral

Thousands of people gather near the Church of the Icon of the Virgin Mary in MoscowThe funeral will begin there once the body, which was kept at the regional hospital, is handed over to his mother and widow. The agents have set up fences around the temple and are demanding documents from those waiting in line to see off Navalny.

To avoid arrests, The family’s lawyers advised those present not to carry banners or T-shirts with anti-Kremlin slogans and not to indulge in provocation.

Navalny’s funeral will take place at the Church of the Icon of the Virgin Mary in Moscow’s Marino district, where he lived with his wife and children, although this is conspicuous Paradoxically, it is a community that defends the invasion of Ukraine and raises funds for the Russian army.

Alexei Navalny will be buried at Borisov Cemetery in Moscow, a half-hour walk from the religious church. And there will be neither a burning chapel nor a hearse because no funeral home in Russia has agreed to accept his body, claiming that there is no availability.

The Kremlin reminds us of this this Friday “Any unauthorized gathering at Navalni’s funeral is against the law”.


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