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Moscow denounces an intrusion of “saboteurs” on the 453rd day of the conflict

Did you miss the latest events on the war in Ukraine? Do not panic, 20 minutes takes stock for you every evening at 7:30 p.m. Who did what ? Who said what? Where are we ? The answer below:

news of the day

Russia denounces, Ukraine denies. This Monday, the Kremlin said that a group of

“Sabotage” had entered the Belgorod region, bordering Ukraine. The Russian armed forces, alongside the border guards, the Rosgvardia (national guard) and the FSB (internal security services) are taking “all necessary measures to liquidate the enemy”, the region’s governor said on Telegram. of Belgorod, Vyacheslav Gladkov. According to Moscow, this group aims to “divert attention from Bakhmout”.

kyiv was quick to react. Presidential adviser Mykhaïlo Podoliak said he was studying the situation but denied Ukrainian involvement in this operation. For their part, while Vladimir Putin was informed of this intrusion, the Russian authorities placed the Belgorod region under the status of an “anti-terrorist” regime, which provides for the possibility of evacuating civilians from the areas concerned, increased control of telecommunications, facilitated interventions by “anti-terrorist” forces or even identity checks and reinforced vehicles.

sentence of the day

If there are not enough units of the Ministry of Defense (to occupy Bakhmout), there are thousands of generals (to do it), you need to form a regiment of generals, give them all rifles , And everything will go just fine “

The drama continues between Wagner and the Russian army. By announcing his intention to withdraw from Bakhmout by June 1, Evgueni Prigojine, boss of this paramilitary group, did not resist being ironic. The Russian military high command (again) took it for its rank.

The number of the day

36. Like the cumulative number of missiles and drones that fell overnight from Sunday to Monday in Dnipro. “There has never been a bombardment (on the city) of such magnitude since the beginning of the war”, lamented Borys Filatov, the mayor of the city, bereaved after a deadly Russian strike on a house, in January.

According to Serguï Lissak, the governor of the region, seven people were injured. Among them, two women had to be hospitalized.

The trend of the day

A departure between May 25 and June 1. After months of fierce battle, Wagner announced that he was breaking camp at Bakhmout. The goal ? Cede won positions to the Russian regular army. The capture of the city has already been claimed by the paramilitary organization. It remains to be seen in what context this withdrawal will take place, given the icy relations between Wagner and the Russian army.

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