More than 6 thousand people were killed in Myanmar in 20 months

Myanmar has been under military rule for more than two years. Several groups engaged in armed resistance against the junta government in the Southeast Asian country. More than 6,000 civilians were killed in the first 20 months after the military coup by these two sides. This information has emerged in a recent report. News from The Hindu.

According to the report, more than 6,000 civilians were killed in Myanmar in the first 20 months after the February 2021 military coup, according to a report by the Peace Research Institute of Oslo. The report was released on Tuesday.

“Our data show that the number of people who have lost their lives in the conflict is higher than previously reported, and that the junta regime is clearly the main killer of civilians,” Stein Tonnesson, one of the report’s two authors, said in a statement. But the anti-junta forces also have blood stains on their hands. During this period, 6 thousand 337 civilians were killed for ‘political reasons’. Another 2,614 people were injured in the same period. This number is much higher than the statistics published by various international organizations and others.

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