More pressure for Laporta

In the midst of the Negreira Storm, it is going unnoticed that this coming Friday, March 31, is the deadline that FC Barcelona has imposed to close the financing of Espai Barça. Undoubtedly, the most transcendental operation for the Blaugrana club since the construction of the Camp Nou and that will mark the future of the entity. The Negreira Case and its possible consequences in terms of possible sporting sanctions and a dark fortnight for the bank in the Stock Market only add more pressure to a club that has four days to close an agreement with various investment banks to achieve up to 1,500 million euros. The question is how to return them and at what price.

The deadline of March 31 (next Friday) was more or less known as the deadline to close the financing agreement, but On March 7, in an appearance by President Laporta at the Círculo Ecuestre, I became official. “Now we have the works awarded and we already have financing, but we are studying alternatives to improve conditions and we have given ourselves until March 31”said the president.

Those statements were made three weeks after Cadena SER uncovered the Negreira Case, that to this day -a month and a half later- has become a snowball in decline that no one from the club seems to be able to stop. Last Thursday, UEFA opened a file against Barcelona that will be resolved before August, which is when it will be known if the Blaugrana team is out of European competitions for a year. A very serious threat that has put project investors recruited by Goldman Sachs on guard.

As La Vanguardia explained in its edition yesterday, “None of the investors have backed down, but they need explanations about the sporting consequences” that could lead to this scandal.

In this sense, Goldman Sachs has sent Barcelona a questionnaire drawn up by potential investors with some twenty questions that Barça must answer (and convince) before some capitalists who are facing a loan of 1,500 million euros for 26 years with an average interest that a few years ago. days was around 6%.

At least, that was the interest before part of the European banking system collapsed on the stock market in the last two weeks. If to the fall of Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank in the markets we add the Negreira Case and Also the distrust of investors in the face of the fact that the company awarded the Camp Nou works (which should start on June 1) is the Turkish company Limak, the outlook does not seem the most rosy.

The pressure increases before a Laporta who, unlike the Negreira Case, This week yes or yes you must move token.

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