MONEI enters into an agreement with the tax authority

MONEI, the fintech company that simplifies and accelerates digital payments, becomes the first payment gateway in Spain in 2019 Connect to the tax office in real time to streamline the process of registering self-employed people and companies as customers. This new functionality allows the fintech to immediately and automatically download the census status certificates of its potential customers and extract their data with all security guarantees. In this way it is proven that the applicant complies with his tax obligations.

By being able to manage it directly via MONEI, Users no longer need to make an appointment or go to tax office offices in person to request the certificate certifying your self-employed status. Thanks to this groundbreaking solution, a process that could once take days and require proactive management by freelancers can now be completed 100% online and in seconds.

The alliance enables MONEI to streamline the necessary integration processes so that companies can expand their offering to include additional payment methods via a single gateway. With this solution The fintech ensures that all regulations established by the Bank of Spain are complied with to register freelancers while improving user experience. The functionality includes all KYC processes -Know your customer- fully automated, so the customer does not have to enter their details manually and can start trading with MONEI immediately.

Alex Saiz Verdaguer, founder and CEO of MONEIhas highlighted that this milestone “It underlines our commitment to optimizing processes in the world of payments and allows us to offer more effective, convenient and user-friendly solutions. This alliance represents a very significant moment as it is the first time that the tax authority has shared its data with a fintech and we are proud of the trust placed in MONEI. With this unprecedented solution, we are once again demonstrating the potential of collaboration between the public and private sectors. and these advances undoubtedly lead to a more innovative, efficient and safer industry.«.

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