You can’t always get it right and Sevilla FC’s sports director is the first to criticize himself

Ludwig Augustinsson seemed like a great move Monchi after seeing the Swede in the last European Championship. However, his performance in the Sevilla F.C. has left a lot to be desired. To the extent that his own Monchi He admits that he was wrong and is already looking for a substitute.

But not only that, but the sports management headed by Monchi is also working on the arrival of a new side. A winger who can compete with Acuña for the starting role at left back, where they have had several problems this season.

Seville Augustinsson
Pacha Espino likes a lot at Sevilla FC

Augustinsson one of the moles in Monchi’s history

In the case of the Swedish winger, this season he has only played 788 minutes in the Santander League, 79 minutes in the Champions League, 305 minutes in the Copa del Rey and 123 minutes in the Europa League. Numbers that show the lack of confidence of the coach in the footballer.

Now that the opening of the summer market is approaching, everything seems to indicate that the Seville club will try to find a way out for him. Of course, they will not be able to recover the 5.5 million investment they made, since their market value has fallen to 7 million euros, 3 less than last summer.

Pacha Espino the favorite

But before finalizing his departure, Monchi wants to have the arrival of a new footballer closed. Of course, they do not plan to make a large outlay. The first of the players he likes is Pacha Espino, who, except for surprise, will end up being transferred from Cádiz CF.

Likewise, Mojica’s name has also been linked to Sevilla FC, since his offensive profile pleases the sports management. Now, we just have to wait to see who ends up next season running the Sánchez-Pizjuán band, which will have a very busy summer.


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