Monchi points Sevilla FC to the Koundé war at FC Barcelona

The crisis that the French defender is experiencing at the Blaugrana club is also felt by the Seville team, and from there they hope that Xavi and the player will reach an agreement or that he will be traded for a high number.

The fact that he has won LaLiga Santander does not mean that Jules Koundé is having a good time at FC Barcelona, ​​that is what he realizes Sevilla F.C.. The reason for the discomfort of this fabulous footballer, is that he is adding minutes in the culé squad, but in a position that is not his. From his perspective, he feels like he’s not performing.

When Koundé signed for the Catalan team, he did so with the purpose of being a center-back partner with the Uruguayan Ronald Araújo. But instead of that, he had to go on to cover Sergi Roberto’s absence due to injury and then that of Héctor Bellerín, on the right wing. Xavi has used him as a winger throughout the season, and he intends to do so in the next one.

Koundé Sevilla Fc
Sevilla hopes that Xavi and Koundé will settle their differences, since if they do not add minutes, Barcelona will not pay the excess of the operation.

Rifirrafe between Koundé and Xavi could harm Sevilla FC

Barca still owes money to the Nervión club for the Koundé operation. To pay the remainder of that transaction, the defender must play a number of minutes, next season.. But as things are, it seems that the French defender will stay on the bench, because he does not want to obey his coach.

Xavi insists on continuing to line up the former Sevilla in the right lane, while the player has already asked the coaching staff to give up that option. He wants to play in the position for which he was signed, the center of the defense. But the Catalan coach already has that plot covered with the Uruguayan and Andreas Christensen. So the conflict between the footballer and the coach could harm the interests of the Sevilla team.

Sevilla FC proposes that they sell Koundé if they do not reach an agreement with Xavi

For guarantee purposes, the contract signed by both entities included a percentage in favor of the Seville team, in the event of a future sale. What Monchi proposes is that they sell to the Frenchman, if he is not going to accumulate the minutes needed to collect the outstanding balance of said operation. It is convenient for the Barça team to make cash with the Frenchman, since it would help to reduce the wage bill.

The positive of the matter, and more so for Sevilla FC, is that right now Jules Koundé has two suitors with great financial solvency. One is Chelsea FC, who was behind the defender when he was still a Sevilla player. The other is Manchester United, which will definitely give Harry Maguire a start and then Victor Lindelof.

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