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Monchi calls Simeone’s son to reinforce Sevilla FC

With the winter market just around the corner, this fact can be seen as very possible after the increasing orders from his coach.

The current situation in Sevilla’s attack has two ways of seeing itself, one in which it details its position in the general table within Spain, and another from the point of view of injuries and the tight placement in Champions League. That is why Monchi has responded to Lopetegui’s requests, paying attention to the son of Cholo Simeone, who has told him that he needs strikers especially to finish off the course.

Giovanni has shown to have a performance of 10 points at Hellas verona, team in which he is assigned by the Fiorentina, which would not cause problems when establishing sales contacts. The reality is that the injury of En-Nesyri has forced everything, and no competition for Rafa mir it is a point to take into account.

Giovanni simeone
Giovanni Simeone in Cagliari performed at the highest level

Sevilla’s idea is to take advantage of the winter to take Simeone’s son at a price they can afford

With En-Nesyri injured the situation has become untenable. There really isn’t much to watch and the competition in the area has come down to Rafa Mir. In addition, he will be out until February, and in January Munir will leave to fulfill his commitments at the African Cup of Nations.

Meanwhile Gio Simeone has been improving his numbers, and his performance has fallen perfect for the Verona club. A total of 9 goals make him stand out among the greats, to which he adds three assists in a total of 10 official matches played. Which means that it is sweet, and they do not want to wait until summer to deploy their forces and get it.

The Champions is in danger and that is the turning point

Monchi has put together a team to fight everything, that is, to guarantee success to his people throughout the season. In LaLiga they are third and only one point behind Real, with one game less that could leave them at the top. However, in international competition it breathes artificially.

They need to win the remaining two games to at least aspire to get second or play the final stages of the competition most closely related to them in their history, the Europa League. In such a way that with a single front center it will be impossible and therefore all this done. Twenty million euros separate him from establishing a new acquisition to suit the manager. We will see.

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