The clockwork orange is resurrected, if at some point it has died. The TCM documentary ‘The Forbidden Orange’, about Stanley Kubrick’s film, rescues one of the most violent films in the history of cinema and, with it, Moloko Velloce, a brutal cocktail that is drunk with milk

Behind the film’s excessive violence, which leads to wanting to get up from a chair on more than one occasion, is a very powerful psychoactive drug, Moloko Velloce. It’s Alex and his Droogs’ favorite designer drug, a synthetic compound mixed with the milk you drink at the Korova Milk Bar that prepares your body for ultraviolence.

Alexander Shulgin, of Russian origin, created nearly half of the synthetic drugs known today

The film was released in 1971, although in Spain it had to wait three years, censored by the Franco regime. It was a time when experimenting with drugs was a widespread social trend. At that time, Russian pharmacist and chemist Alexander Shulgin created nearly half of the brand name drugs known today – more than a hundred. Shulgin, chemist by training, che himself was testing the effects of the substances he was making.

Also around this time, in 1971, Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry Kary Banks Mullis published the first scientific paper that developed the PCR technique, yes, the technique of detecting viruses in small blood samples that kept us at bay in the pandemic. Mullis then declared, and despite having already received the Nobel, that he visualized the technique in a wave of LSD, a drug that he himself synthesized in his laboratory.

But Moloko Vellocet was the staging of the most devastating effects of a psychoactive drug in cinema. Moloko Vellocet led the Droogs group to blast with their baseball bats whoever was in front.

drug milk

Moloko Vellocet is a combination of words that make up a drink in European countries. Moloko means “milk” in the Nadsat and Russian languages. Vellocet is slang for any type of amphetamine available to be added to milk at that time. It can be any amount of amphetamines, but LSD and PCP are the most common. Moloko Vellocet means “Drug Milk”.

Korova bar stopped selling alcoholic beverages to circumvent the legislation and allow the entry of minors, who only drink milk

La Moloko is even more sinister if we take into account that, according to the book that originated the film, by Anthony Burguess, the Korova bar stopped selling alcoholic beverages to circumvent the legislation and allow the entry of minors.

Moloko works like an elixir: it is composed of barbiturates (anxiolytic, hypnotic and sedative), opiates and some mescaline.

If in 1971 A Clockwork Orange brought Moloko Vellocet to the cinema, psychoactive substances today have multiplied so much that it is difficult to follow their names. Krokodil, pink cocaine, zombie drug… They can all be the same, and all with terrible side effects. O ChemSex It’s the order of the day, and now you don’t even have to hide it with milk.

The documentary about The Forbidden Orange, the documentary

On December 15th and 16th, respectively, the exhibition of the forbidden orange Original TCM production accompanied by a discussion with its director, Pedro González Bermúdez, and writer Vicente Molina Foix, translator of Stanley Kubrick’s scripts

The Madrid pass is part of the events that mark the inauguration of the “STANLEY KUBRICK. the exhibition”, The great international exhibition about the disruptive and influential filmmaker that opens its doors on December 21 at Círculo de Bellas Artes


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