Miravia presents its ambassadors for the Olympic Games

100 days before the start of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, Miraviathe e-commerce platform specializing in beauty and fashion, today announced the nine athletes who will be part of the company’s ambassador program at the world’s most important sports competition as part of the official sponsorship of e-commerce services at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games Games as part of Alibaba Group, sponsor of the International Olympic Committee’s TOP program.

Álvaro Morata, footballer; Ana Peleteiro, triple jumper; Dennis Gonzalez, swimmer artistic; Juan de la Torre, break dancer; Marcus Cooper, canoeist; Gerard Descarrega, 400-meter runner and Paralympic athlete; Ray Zapata, gymnast; Gisela Pulido, kite surfer; and Hugo González, swimmer, They are the outstanding athletes of various disciplines who represent the best of talent and determination in the field of sports and in the coming months.

The selection of these ambassadors is based not only on their impressive athletic achievements, but also on their positive impact on the community and their commitment to Miravia’s core values. The nine athletes not only stand out for their sports, but are also a clear example of inclusion, improvement and inspiration.

As anticipation grows for the 2024 Paris Olympics, Miravia will publish exclusive content about athletes as part of its ambassador program. This initiative aims to offer fans unprecedented access to the athletes in the months leading up to the competition, where they can discover their most personal side and also learn how they prepare for the big event. To this end, the platform will publish exclusive content with the intention of enriching the Olympic experience by fostering deeper connections between athletes and their audiences.

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Accordingly Yann Fontaine, CEO of Miravia“We are excited to have these incredible athletes as Miravia Ambassadors at the 2024 Paris Olympics. Their dedication, passion and commitment to their respective disciplines inspire millions around the world and we are proud to support them during a competition as globally relevant as the Olympic Games.”

A sponsor “With his head held high”

For its first sports sponsorship since its inception just over a year ago, Miravia has come up with a unique creative concept called “ With his head held high. Raising the head is a very special gesture of athletes throughout the competition: when they hear their national anthem, are about to compete or wait for the medal, they always keep their chin raised, as a symbol of pride and personal vindication, as a symbol of the effort that is always associated with practicing a sport and the competition itself.

And at these 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, Miravia wants to send a message to all athletes, no matter who they are or what they do: always keep your head up. That’s why the nine brand ambassadors not only assert who they are through sport and overcoming challenges, but also always do so “with their heads held high.”

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