Minister supports Jamaica abolishes visas for Dominicans

One of the biggest bets that the Jamaican Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Aubyn Hill, wants to bring to the table is the suppression of the visa for Dominicans who wish to enter their country, since at the moment Jamaicans do not need a permit consular to enter our territory, however the same is not true for those Dominicans who want to travel to the Caribbean country.

He pointed out that when he returns to Jamaica he will schedule conversations with his cabinet colleagues, as well as the Minister of National Security, the Foreign Minister and other ministers and agencies that are linked to visas in Jamaica to see how they can have greater and closer reciprocity with the Republic. Dominican Republic, in order to have a broader flow of Dominican tourists in their country.

“There are Dominicans who want to go to Jamaica for just one weekend, and we want to motivate them to go to Jamaica and it is something that we are going to be talking about,” said the Jamaican official, adding that, if they do not have a visa your country, travel from here is only possible for those who have visas from Canada, the United States or Schengen, from the European Union.

Among the next projects that they would like to implement is a tourist ferry between Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, as well as between this country and Puerto Rico.

As of May of this year, direct flights between Jamaica and the Dominican Republic will double, reported the Jamaican Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce.

As reported by the embassy of the Dominican Republic in Jamaica, the inaugural flight with the Arajet airline, which connects both destinations, was on November 14.

Due to the demand for these, they have decided to increase them from two a week to four.

“Before it took four to five hours to get to one of the destinations, and now it takes an hour and twenty minutes to fly to Jamaica… So if they are doubling the trips in such a short period, in less than a year, it means that the business is going well”, indicated the minister, when participating in the Breakfast of Listín Diario.

Dominican investments

Angie Martínez, Dominican ambassador in Jamaica, said that “we have a very important presence of Dominican companies.”

The main examples he mentioned were companies like Fersan, a company that formulates, manufactures and markets fertilizers and has been in the Jamaican market for 21 years.

As well as the Magna Motors company, which is the official distributor of Hyundai cars in the Dominican Republic and the third largest automotive company in Jamaica.

“In seven years (Magna Motors) managed to enter the market in a way that has devastated and is an important Dominican investment in Jamaica that shows that we believe in the Jamaican market,” Angie Martinez also said.

The Codelpa hotel chain, which, according to Martínez, shows that Jamaica has a “stable market with a good economy.”

While the minister’s adviser, Christopher McPherson, added that Bon Ice Creams are also distributed in stores and fuel stations in Jamaica. Domicem that has sold cement to Jamaica, among other companies.

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