Milly Quezada is honored during a tribute to Esther Forero in Colombia

The Dominican singer Milly Quezada was decorated in Colombia during the celebration of the first National Day that honors the life and musical work of the Barranquilla composer Esthercita Forero.

The Barranquilla Council honored Milly Quezada with the Barrancas de San Nicolás medal, the highest distinction awarded by the corporation.

The exaltation was in charge of councilman Juan Carlos Ospino, promoter of the initiative.

The delivery took place in the middle of a great concert with the participation of Milly and Jocelyn, who with the group Los Vecinos de República Dominicana performed many of Forero’s compositions.

Among Esther Forero’s compositions is ‘La Guacherna’, which is one of the most popular in Milly’s voice and became a musical icon of the Barranquilla Carnival.

Milly and Jocelyn took a tour with the different compositions by Esthercita Forero.

Along with Milly and Jocelyn were on stage Juan Piña, Poncho Zuleta, Maia, the Rafael Campo Miranda musical band from Puerto Colombia and the Jacaranda Show orchestra.

The celebration was organized by the Society of Authors and Composers of Colombia -Sayco-, managed by César Augusto Ahumada Avendaño.

The commemoration has its origin in the promulgation of Law 2131 of 2021 in Colombia, through which the life and work of Esthercita Forero is commemorated.


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