Milei will ban inclusive language in Argentina’s public sector

Argentine President Javier Milei will ban inclusive language and gender perspectives in national public administration. This measure was already recently implemented by the Ministry of Defense.

For the government, the use of inclusive language in these aspects became a “political matter”.

“Measures will begin to ban inclusive language and anything related to the gender perspective throughout the national public administration, which has been abused as a political bargain,” presidential spokesman Manuel Adorni said in a press conference in the Casa Rosada (seat of). Government).

Once this measure becomes official, no public administration document may contain the use of the vowel “e” or the symbols “x” and “@” to express gender indeterminacy.

“The language that takes into account all sectors is Spanish and it is a debate in which we (the government) will not participate because we believe that gender perspectives have been abused as a political bargain.” “This decision has already been made by the Ministry of Defense and will simply be extended to the other authorities,” Adorni added.


Photo: EFE

Public institutions in Argentina only apply the current RAE regulations

In Resolution 160/2024, the Ministry of Defense established the compulsory nature of the Spanish language in the Armed Forces in accordance with the standards of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) and the applicable regulations and manuals.

Inclusive or non-sexist language emerged in the 1970s as a linguistic and discursive strategy to express support for the rights of the LGBTI+ community around the world.

Many Argentines have expressed their opposition to this decision, pointing out that there are other issues that the government should pay attention to, rather than “absurd measures.”

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Do you think the Argentine government should focus on the problems that really affect the country?

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