Milei bans inclusive language in Argentine public administration and calls for compliance with the RAE

The Argentine government has announced a veto across all public administrationon the use of inclusive language and gender perspective, under the argument that it had been “used as a political deal”, just hours after the Defense Ministry also confirmed a similar move.

Administrations are not allowed to use neutral gender

The President’s spokesman, Manuel Adorni has stated that the measure will mean that administrations will not be allowed to use gender-neutral language or symbols such as the at sign or the X. “The unnecessary inclusion of women” will also be avoided, spokesman Javier Milei told the media.

“The language that covers all areas is the one we use in the Castilian language, it is Spanish,” reasoned Adorni, who He sees no need to introduce new “structures” to take other sensitivities into account.

Defense Minister Luis Petri also established on Monday “the compulsory nature of the Spanish language according to the standards of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE),” with the aim of “eliminating incorrect forms of the language.” could “lead to erroneous interpretation” and even affect the development of military operations.

“Communication in the field of national defense must be short, clear and concise, in accordance with the provisions of the relevant military regulations,” says a resolution from the ministry, warning of action against those who do not comply with these new guidelines.

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