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Miguel Molina: Calm Champion

Miguel Molina, the calm champion

Michael Molina, a highly talented Spanish driver, almost made it to the top level of motorsport – Formula 1 – 30 years ago. With a remarkable career in the lower single-seater categories, he won five championships in Formula Renault 3.5 and also had a stint with Ferrari’s GT team, which he eventually left for Audi’s DTM program. Although he never got the chance to race in Formula 1, he is now an accomplished racing driver, respected for his calm and reserved demeanor.

Molina, a veteran of the Ferrari Hypercar sextet, is known for his consistency and experience, particularly in cars with advanced aerodynamics. His time in DTM, where he made history as the first Spanish driver to win a race in the championship, was instrumental in preparing him for his current role as the leader of the 50th car. Despite facing some tough moments in his career, he found solace in the red of Ferrari, where he won the Endurance World Cup and took the victory at Fuji 2017.

With many years of experience and a storied career, Molina now has his sights set on the next big achievement – the World title. Fresh from his Le Mans victory, where he and his team secured second place, just nine points behind Porsche, he is not resting on his laurels. With a new goal in sight, Molina is refocusing his energies to claim the World title.

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