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Adesanya Returns to UFC 305 for Middleweight Title Shot

Adesanya is back: he will fight for the middleweight title with Du Plessis at UFC 305

Israel Adesanya (24-3) has announced on his social media that he will face Dricus De Plessis (21-2) in the main event of UFC 305, scheduled for August 17 in Perth, Australia. This highly anticipated clash will be for the middleweight title, featuring a beloved fighter’s return to the UFC.

Adesanya posted a cryptic message on Twitter, quoting “The SUN of Africa is the same sun that lights up our planet. The SUN will set and will rise again until you walk into it. The SUN, enjoy while it shines. Darkness falls when it’s gone.” The message has sparked a lot of hype among fans, leading to speculation about the fight.

The match between Adesanya and De Plessis is significant for several reasons. Not only is the middleweight title at stake, but the two fighters also have a personal connection. De Plessis defines himself as the “true” representative of the African continent in the UFC, while Adesanya, born in Nigeria, went to New Zealand.

The two fighters have faced each other before, with De Plessis winning their previous encounter at UFC 290 in Las Vegas. Adesanya lost the title to Strickland at UFC 293, and De Plessis took the belt from the American in January.

At 34 years old, Adesanya’s return to the title picture seems uncertain. He hasn’t fought since September, when he lost to Strickland and lost the belt. Adesanya has only won one of his last three fights.

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