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Microsoft Surface Duo with Windows 11 is one of the most satisfying visions

Microsoft Surface Duo with Windows 11 is one of the most satisfying visions

THE microsoft surface duo it’s one of the most ambitious smartphones ever released and, in addition to Google’s Android operating system, we now see this foldable with Windows 11 operating system. The results are amazing and will please the biggest Microsoft enthusiasts.

It should be noted that this is the first generation of the “foldable” smartphone from the Redmond giant, released in 2020. Now, despite not being a perfectly stable build, we can see the phone with the operating system that we usually find on our desktop computers. desktop and/or laptop

This is the Microsoft Surface Duo already running the Windows 11 operating system

A little glitchy, but here we go pic.twitter.com/gyiZsSdzeD

– Gustavo Monce (@gus33000) May 1, 2022

Such a feat is the fruit of the work of the programmer Gustave Monce, who was not satisfied with the lack of Windows 11 in this seemingly irresistible tablet. Thus, and although there are still several insects In need of attention, we can see one of the first builds of Windows 11 running on this mobile device originally launched with the Android system.

The programmer has shared several updates of his work through the social network Twitter, stating that the system already works without problems on both screens. By the way, we can see the system in action in the video above, as well as in the images presented below by the same.


– Gustavo Monce (@gus33000) May 1, 2022

Microsoft Surface Duo can thus be seen running the latest version of Windows 11 operating system. Furthermore, the programmer mentions that the Adreno 640 GPU is perfectly capable of handling graphics acceleration so that the entire system runs smoothly without any major bugs.

Work in progress already shows us Windows 11 apparently stable

However, at the moment the sound is still not working, despite being able to display the content in both windows. Or rather, on both screens of the Surface Duo. On the other hand, it still lacks the use of a Bluetooth mouse to control the equipment since the touch registration function continues to show errors.

Those interested can follow the programmer through his social networks where he has shared various updates on the project that began earlier this year.

Base? The Microsoft Surface Duo smartphone was released in 2020. The goal? Run Windows 11 in the best way on this Android smartphone.

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