Microsoft announces the arrival of Bing AI to its Edge and Skype

The “brain” of ChatGPT is present in several of the products of Microsoftthe most famous example being his Search Engine bing. However, very soon, this same Artificial Intelligence (hereinafter AI) will be present at the skype and in the browser edge.

It should be noted that two weeks after the announcement of the new Bing search engine and Edge browser powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Microsoft has already received more than one million registrations from 169 countries to test these new tools.

The success of this initiative also catapulted the Edge browser to the Top of downloads in several countries.

Bing AI reaches more Microsoft services and applications

Microsoft EdgeBing

Thus, with 71% of users, who have already tried the new Bing, sharing positive comments about the answers provided by it, Microsoft will continue to work in this area.

Always with the aim of continuing to innovate and provide new features to its users. For this reason, it has just announced the advancement of the Bing and Edge applications in the mobile version. Plus, we’ve got Skype updates and new limits on chat sessions.

Bing’s reception to the new AI was extraordinary

application edge

According to her, since 64% of online searches are done from a smartphone. For this reason, Microsoft has just made the new Bing and Edge applications available in the mobile version, which serve as a co-pilot for the web.

Plus, now available for iOS and Android, this Bing app for mobile offers a new design and new experiences.

There, users, by selecting the Bing icon, open a chat session where they can participate and interact as if they were on a laptop. Whether it is to ask simple or complex questions and receive answers or quotes, either by bullets or text.

Bing AI is now coming to the Microsoft Edge app

Bing AI Edge

In addition, with the introduction of the new Bing app on mobile, Microsoft is also adding one of the most requested features from the community in preview: voice.

Now available on mobile and portable devices, voice search provides greater versatility in the way you make requests and receive responses from Bing.

Also, users who have access to the preview will be able to use the new Bing experience. This from the home page of the Microsoft Edge application to the mobile version.

By the way, today more than 36 million users use Skype every day to make calls or have conversations with people from all over the world. In this sense, to improve this experience, Microsoft has just integrated the new AI-powered Bing search engine into Skype.

Skype also receives the “blessing” of Bing AI


Also available worldwide in preview is the new Bing on Skype, fluent in over 100 languages. This can provide real-time helpful answers to all questions.

As Microsoft learns and refines this new feature, it plans to bring it to other apps like Teams in the future.

On the other hand, after the feedback received from the community on the limit of 50 conversations per day, with 5 responses per session, announced last week, Microsoft has just announced new chat updates.

From now on, the new Bing will allow 60 conversations per day and 6 responses per session. However, the objective will be to progressively increase these limits and move, shortly, to 100 conversations.

The new Bing is available in preview and anyone can try out the new search format by signing up for the waiting list.

Unlock your creativity. Ask the new Bing to help you write a speech to celebrate an anniversary. Join the waiting list now.

-Binging) February 7, 2023

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