Former Australia captain Michael Clarke believes that if the country’s cricket administrators are looking for a player with an impeccable record to be named captain, then the Australian test team will be without a captain for the next 15 years. Cricket Australia (CA) is looking for a new captain after Tim Paine stepped down as captain after it was revealed that he sent an objectionable message to his colleague.

Fast pitcher Pat Cummins is leading the way in the race to become the captain. Aside from him, former captain Steve Smith is also in the running. Clarke said that Ricky Ponting also became one of Australia’s best captains after a bad start to his career. He said on ‘Big Sports Breakfast’: ‘Even in my day, Ricky Ponting has been the best captain. Had that been the case, he could never have been captain of Australia.

Clark said: ‘They had a fight at Bourbon and Beefsteak (nightclub). There were blows. Is that why you don’t delegate responsibility to them? It is a wonderful example. He has shown you how time, experience, maturity, playing at a high level and even the captaincy have changed him.

Clarke admitted that the Australian test captain must set high standards, but if unreasonable expectations are placed on him, then few options will be left. “Of course, you have to maintain certain standards, but you’re going to say ‘he can change, he can mature,'” he said. Where is the support of the players? (If you want an impeccable captain) You will look for a captain for 15 years. We will not have a captain.

Clarke said he was confused as to why Penn resigned over the 2017 incident. He said: ‘I didn’t understand this. If Cricket Australia told you there were no alternatives, you should have said you can fire me because I gave you this information four years ago. I was honest and they declared me clean.



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