Meta presents new advertising tools based on AI

Retailers around the world are already using Meta’s AI-powered solutions to quickly create content, build deeper relationships with their customers, and increase sales. Shoppers also want to make quicker purchasing decisions without relying on outside help or guidance. Therefore, Meta introduces new AI-based tools that provide greater insight and personalization the moment people come across an ad to give them the confidence to make a purchase after seeing it.

Advantage Suit becomes dynamic storytelling

Almost all advertisers on the social network use at least one of the Advantage Suite tools to optimize the performance of their ads. At the same time, The number of reels and videos in our applications continues to grow, as daily viewing time for all types of videos increased by more than 25% in the fourth quarter. In fact, users share Reels 3.5 billion times a day.

That’s why today they’re integrating the power of video into other products in Meta’s Advantage Suite to help advertisers connect with their customers and improve their performance.

First, the creative optimizations of Advantage+, This means that video ads can now be automatically optimized for display on Reels or in the Facebook and Instagram mobile apps in the 9:16 format. Advantage+ creative optimizations also allow advertisers to dynamically create multiple variations of an ad so they can personalize it based on what a person responds best to.

Second, advertisers using Advantage+ catalog ads (which automatically offer people product recommendations based on their interests) can import and use creatives such as branded videos or customer demo videos instead of static images. After announcing trials of this feature last year, it now enables advertisers around the world to provide shoppers with more engaging product information in dynamic, personalized videos.

Finally, in January, Meta will introduce the option for advertisers Use Advantage+ creatives in your Advantage+ catalog campaigns. Advertisers can now upload a “hero” image to the center of their catalog ad and then use Meta AI to dynamically show people the best products in their catalog to increase performance.

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New dynamic formats for customer acquisition

Not only do they expose advertisers to the power of AI, but they also provide them with dynamic new tools to reach their customers.

lReminder ads on Instagram allow advertisers to build awareness, anticipation, and awareness in advance of product launches, events, and moments. Advertisers can now include external links to a new product or sale in their reminder ads to convert a person’s interest into a purchase. This summer, they’re also offering advertisers ways to notify people when an event starts and remind them when it ends.

They also make it easier Advertisers highlight their promotions and help people discover and apply relevant and valid promo codes through Facebook and Instagram ads. Advertisers who used this feature saw an average 9.1% reduction in cost per purchase for their campaigns and an average 10.1% increase in conversions.

Help retailers enable their exclusive offers from various media networks

Retailers are building their own advertising networks to promote their brands to customers in new, personalized ways. Meta helps media networks through Collaborative adsa self-service solution that enables Retail Media Networks (RMNs) to market with brand partners on our platforms. With advanced analyticsRetailers can use measurement and insights to demonstrate that digital awareness increases store sales while respecting customer privacy.

They also test the possible uses for advertisers Collaborative ads with Advantage+ Shopping campaigns, and a recent study showed that advertisers saw a 14% increase in return on ad spend and a 13% decrease in cost per acquisition.

They will also be presenting this spring the Advantage+ ad catalog with omnichannel reporting at brand and product level as a new managed services solution to help RMNs show that ads on meta platforms increased online and in-store sales.

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