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Meta introduces new features for Facebook Reels

Meta will incorporate tools to regulate the position of the ads

Meta announces new updates for Facebook Reels. The social network increases the maximum duration of the reels up to 90 seconds, instead of 60 as it was limited until now. This novelty was implemented a long time ago on Instagram. In this sense, it is still far from the 10-minute duration that TikTok allows.

In addition, the company is implementing tools for creators boost your creativity. Users will be able through a template function create Reels with trending templates, in this way you can perform dances with the songs of the moment. On the other hand, they can also be created from previous publications with the “Share as reel” option from your email message. Memories. Thus, users will have the option of sharing memories with their followers through videos and photos turned into a reel by the platform itself.

In addition, Facebook is also betting on a new feature of Grooves. This function uses a technology that automatically synchronizes the movement in the video to the rhythm of the song chosen in the Reel. This is a simple way to publicize the publication.

The reels stomp

Facebook wanted to keep its users on the social network. Amid the rise of TikTok, the social network launched Reels last year. It was first launched in the United States, after its success it was extended to another 150 countries around the world, including Spain.

For Meta, reels were hugely successful, being their fastest growing format and one that continues to rise rapidly. Views of Reels on Facebook and Instagram have doubled in the past year. So the company has plans to keep releasing new features for Reels with the goal of making it easier for creators to get discovered.

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