Meta experiments with its own artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been one of the great advances in technology in recent years. Most companies want to be part of this wave. The last to enter has been Goal to test AI-powered tools for your products. Zuckerberg announced in a Facebook post that is creating a new high-end product group in Meta focused on generative AI.

The team has the goal of building creative and expressive tools. Although in the long term it is planned to create AI people who can help people in different ways. Thus, they seek to bring this transformative technology to users, allowing them to create and share in new ways. Despite this, the company leaves in the air what this implementation would be like, they have not communicated more details about it.

AI chat

Meta is starting to test AI tools based on text experiences, such as chat on WhatsApp and Messenger. Thus, the company could also take advantage of these features by offering them to companies in areas such as sales and customer service.

On the other hand, it is experimenting with creative filters and AI-assisted ad formats on Instagram alongside video and multi-modal experiences.

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Other companies already implementing AI

Generative AI tools have been around for a while now. The viral success of ChatGPT has caused changes to accelerate and many companies are interested in integrating this technology. Microsoft has already incorporated AI into the Bing search engine and the Edge browser. Besides, Google launched the chatbot Bard.

Other search engines like and Neeva have also announced AI-powered chat product integrations. Meanwhile, Facebook rival Snapchat went all-in on a custom chatbot for its paying subscribers this month.

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