Home Sports Messi, a born and historic winner, Ligue 1 champion with PSG

Messi, a born and historic winner, Ligue 1 champion with PSG

Messi, a born and historic winner, Ligue 1 champion with PSG

Lionel Messi became two-time Ligue 1 champion this saturday with Paris Saint-Germain, after the 1-1 draw with Racing Strasbourg awayon the penultimate date.

The captain of the selected world champion in Qatar 2022 opened the score in the second stage and added his 16th goal in 32 games at the tournament.

With this new achievement, the argentinian star lifted his title number 43 in all his trajectory and became the most winning in history.

The “Flea” starred perhaps in his penultimate game because, Although the link has a possibility of extension, everything indicates that its path will be elsewhere.

The Parisian team added its 11 star and became the top winner of the local competition, above Olympique de Marseille and Saint Etienne, both with ten.

The wear and tear was evident since Messi arrived at the Paris airport in August 2021with the white Ici c’est Paris shirt and that cinematic greeting from the balcony of the Royal Monceau hotel on the overflowing Champs Elysées.

The dream of succeeding outside of Barcelona with the trident Messi-Mbappé-Neymar it was not given fullybecause eliminations from the Champions League clouded everything.

Otherwise, Paris Saint-Germain committed this Saturday the usual bugs in the background. The first clear for Messi had it when it was 37 minutes with a shot over the crossbar. The answer was once again in the feet of Diallo, the hottest player on the court, who hit him squarely with his instep, with sustained height in the run and effect.

With hardly any sparks, Messi generated a free kick made to measure after his classic dribble, short and inward. but the angle left of Matz Sels it was far away for its erratic execution.

However, Messi-Mbappé, the formula of the whole seasoninverted in this case, gave PSG the advantage in the second half when little was happening on the field.

The French brave 7 located him and put him facing the rival goalkeeper. Subtle, in a kind of dive, the “Flea” crossed the shot for the opening.

Messi’s icy celebration synthesized everything experienced in these two years with his second club as a professional: coldness and harassment in general.

The process seemed calm and on track until Kevin Gameiro took advantage of a short rebound from the Italian Gianluigi Donnarumma and subsequent high-end resolution, with the complicity of the Portuguese Danilo.

With the equalizer, Racing de Strasbourg secured the category. In the end, it was round business for both teams.

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