Mercedes F1 avenges Hamilton’s commitment to Ferrari

Head of technology Simone Resta is moving to Mercedes after his time at Ferrari and Haas

In a significant strategic step Mercedes has confirmed the founding of Simone Restaformer head of design at Ferrari, to his technical team. Resta, who recently left his position as technical director at haastakes on the role of director of Strategic further development at Mercedes from 2025.

This commitment represents an important reinforcement for the team Brackleythat wants to regain its dominance in Formula 1. Resta knows the paddock well from his work at Ferrari under the management of James Allisonthe current technical director of Mercedeswhere he took part to develop the Italian team’s most successful cars in the last decade.

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Resta has extensive and diverse experience, having spent time at Sauber before returning to Ferrari and then moving to Haas as technical director.

Focus on 2026 regulations and future development

Resta’s departure from Haas, shortly after Günther Steiner’s, was seen as a prelude to several important changes within that team. Resta’s arrival at Mercedes is considered a decisive step in the team’s efforts to become competitive again and fight for the championship, which it has not won since 2021.

The hiring of Simone Resta comes at a crucial time for Mercedes as the team prepares for new regulations for 2026 that will require a major overhaul of the power unit. Mercedes, one of the six engine suppliers this season, With Resta you have valuable help in overcoming the technical and strategic challenges that these new rules will bring with them.

A promising future for Mercedes

His role is similar to that of James Vowles as Mercedes strategy director, will be instrumental in ensuring the team remains at the forefront of both innovation and performance. The arrival of Simone Resta at Mercedes not only symbolizes the union of exceptional talent with one of Formula 1’s most successful teams, but also marks the beginning of a new era of innovation and competitiveness for the team.

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With a clear focus on upcoming regulations and continuous improvements, Mercedes is preparing to face the future with a renewed desire for success. This move underlines the team’s commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit of the championship.which shows they are ready to adapt and overcome the challenges that arise on the way to the top of Formula 1.

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