Former soccer player Maximiliano López along with businessman Christian Codoma are emerging as candidates to acquire the historic Birmingham FC soccer club from England, which currently plays in the second division. The traditional entity was founded in 1875, won two League Cups and played for much of its history in the highest category of British football.

Despite its history, the reality of the club today is totally different, since it plays in the Championship -second division- and is in 20th position, in which it struggled not to be relegated and will spend its twelfth consecutive season without playing in the Premier League -his last participation was in the 2010/11 season.

Currently the club is owned by Birmingham Sports Holdings Limited under the action of the Chinese Paul Suen, who is the majority shareholder and, after the meager context, is looking for investors for a sale of up to 30 million pounds sterling, in which the former river forward.

Lopez, who retired from professional practice in July last year, would be keen to acquire the club in conjunction with Codoma, who owns Maxco Capital in London and is a director of Global Stars Management in Hong Kong.

The former soccer player and the businessman are currently advised by the former president of Birmingham Sammy Yu and everything seems to indicate that the negotiations would take place so that the Argentine duo take the reins of the institution for two years.


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