Home World Matiullah, a social activist working for girls’ education in Afghanistan, was arrested

Matiullah, a social activist working for girls’ education in Afghanistan, was arrested

Matiullah, a social activist working for girls' education in Afghanistan, was arrested

The brother of Matiullah Wesa, a social activist working for the education of girls in Afghanistan, says that she was arrested by the Taliban authorities in Kabul and transferred to an unknown location.

Matiullah Wasa was active in the fields of opening closed schools in several provinces of Afghanistan, raising public awareness in the field of education and distributing books and reading materials to the needy people in Afghanistan. He was also active in reopening closed girls’ schools.

Matiullah Wesa along with his volunteer friends traveled to the remote areas of several provinces of Afghanistan and sensitized the local people about the need for education and other basic rights.

According to the international media, according to the security agencies of the Taliban government, they took Matiullah Wasay Wesa with them from Kabul city late on Monday night, but they did not give more details about it.

Earlier, the Taliban had detained a professor who tore up his degrees in a live TV show protesting the ban on women’s education.

According to the World News Agency, Taliban officials in Afghanistan beat and arrested Prof. Mashal, a supporter of girls’ education in the university, and took them with them. The Taliban confirmed the arrest of Prof. Mashal but denied the allegation of assault.

Abdul Haq Hammad, director of the Ministry of Information and Culture of the Taliban government, had said in his tweet that Professor Mashal had been involved in provocative actions against the system for some time and was being investigated by security agencies.

The United Nations Special Representative for Afghanistan, Richard Bennett, also expressed concern over the arrest of Matiullah on Twitter. He said that their safety is paramount and all legal rights should be respected.

On the other hand, protests against girls’ education and other restrictions by the Taliban are also ongoing in Afghanistan. Two days ago, many women in the capital city of Kabul once again took to the streets for education and work rights.

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