Mateo: “We can’t play brilliant matches every day”


The coach of Real Madrid, Chus Mateohe said after the victory of your team for 62-82 on the track of Coviran Granada that they cannot “play brilliant games every day” and stressed that they were able to “go down into the mud” after being “a little sleepy and out of place” in the first leg of the crash.

“We have carried out an important game. We knew it was going to be complicated because Granada He has planned the meeting very well. The final 20 point difference they do not reflect a match that has been even”, Mateo commented after the clash at a press conference.

“We have not been aggressive at the beginning. It is important to generate from painting and it has not happened in the first half, with poorly executed attacks. We didn’t come out focused in the second half, but we got in from the defense and we have been able to runsomething that has given us a lot of air”, he added about the meeting.

Chus Mateo with the team during the match in Granada.  EFE/Pepe Torres


Chus Mateo with the team during the match in Granada. EFE/Pepe Torres
Pepe TorresEFE

“We have come out a little asleep and out of place. We can’t be doing brilliant games every daybut we have known how to go down into the mud and fight a difficult game”, Mateo declared.

The Real Madrid coach recalled in defense of his team that they are in “a difficult week” with three games away, so it is normal “not being very focused” since sometimes they do not know “or where” they wake up.

Mateo was “happy to win and to continue taking steps forward” and acknowledged that “the first objective now is be first at the end of the first lap”.

Regarding the return to the slopes of Rudy Fernandezcommented that “the people who come back have to do it little by little”, adding that they see the forward “well” and wishing that “hopefully he will give his best version soon”, although he still lacks “pace of play” and you have to be patient.


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