Home Sports Master lesson from Kopecky on his second conquest of the Strade Donne

Master lesson from Kopecky on his second conquest of the Strade Donne

Master lesson from Kopecky on his second conquest of the Strade Donne

After many successes on the track, he came to road cycling to make history. And he achieves it. Lotte Kopecky conquered second Strade Bianche Donne her career, she equals Annemiek van Vleuten at the top of the list and crowns another sensation Demonstration of the superiority of SD Worx. The Belgian, who became the third cyclist (after Deignan and Van Vleuten) to win the event in the world champion’s rainbow jersey, topped the final climb of the Via Santa Caterina Elisa Longo Borghini (2.) with an unassailable attack. His partner Demi Vollering, with which the victory in 2023 was achieved by sprinting to the last meter, completed the podium.

“It will be a tougher race. The white of the jersey won’t be seen much (laughs). “We’re going to get dirty, but I don’t care,” declared a confident Kopecky in the minutes before the start. The world champion was aware of the demanding conditions of the race and that suited her greatly. The rains that have hit Tuscany in recent days have left some unpaved roads quite wet and sensitive, particularly on the downhill sections. The sectors of Sterrato In the women’s race there were twelve runners, almost as many runners, who formed a strong breakaway group. Between eleven at the front, the presence of Bredewold, Kastelijn, Deignan and Markus stood out. Any of them could be a profitable alternative.

Aware of the threat they could pose, Just under 50 km from the finish line, Kopecky took the initiative. On the first stage through Le Tolfe, one of the toughest sections, the Belgian broke through the favorite group with a huge change of pace. Only the great chosen ones like Vollering, Vos, Niewiadoma, Longo Borghini or Moolman could follow him. As if that wasn’t enough, both Kopecky and Vollering counted on the invaluable work of their partner Fisher-Black. who set a high pace to bring the breakaway chase to an end. The regroup reached 20km from the finish line, just before the start at Colle Pinzuto. Mavi García took advantage of a short break and made it back after losing contact a few minutes ago. And it was there, in that second to last sector of Sterrato, where Vollering started, just like last year, to finally finish the race. This time he couldn’t repeat it.

And Le Tolfe came… obstacle in front of the Via Santa Caterina. There Niewiadoma attacked and made the final selection. At the wheel of the Polish Vollering, Kopecky and Longo Borghini. The best. The top favorites. Shortly after the coronation, Kopecky caught Niewiadoma giving up and managed to make way for the Italian. Behind them, Vollering acted as an anchor for the Polish runner. SD Worx check. Tensions increased around Santa Caterina. And consequently, Kopecky did stretching exercises on the bike. Longo Borghini looked at her suspiciously. And he had reasons. With 500 meters to go, Kopecky started on an impossible ramp and the Italian gave up. Behind, Vollering completed the podium by defeating Niewiadoma in the sprint. The rainbow appeared in Siena.

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