The English international is having an exceptional career start but he feels he is not reciprocated by his bosses

FC Barcelona had been very tempting with the possibility of becoming Raheem Sterling, player who has accused the rotation of Guardiola and it was not being considered as a piece of relevance in their schemes. Now the situation has changed, because given the economic complexity that this means, a new name has been put into the fight, we are talking about Mason Mount, the figure of the Chelsea.

And it is that although he has been one of the most regular players, the truth is that he is not happy with his condition in the team. Not for the sports part, yesNot for the economy, since they have never responded to their options to improve their salary. The player asks to be raised as expected his winnings, which to date are not for adequate personal consideration.

Mason Mount, Chelsea figure, possibility for FC Barcelona

Although it is very premature, FC Barcelona investigates its options in order to obtain the Mason Mount pass

All this dense environment has made Barcelona get into the discussion. They know that it is complicated, but they have the power to include risk actions since the player himself has cast doubt on the environment. You want one way or another to continue raising your level and for this it is absolutely necessary to find a place.

In addition, Barcelona has always been a club to his liking, due to the level of football shown in the past and now much more when he sees Xavi sitting on the bench. Now the topic starts from the chances of finding that turning point in the termination of his contract that, as everyone knows, expires until the year 2024.

Diversity of movements and explosiveness, crack characteristics that propel you

Mount is one of the nascent figures of English football, already having a Champions League in his gallery of successes. You can play loose for either of the two bands, and starting from the center with freedom. He is also a player who has overflow, who is spicy and who, among other things, knows how to play space.

For Xavi it ​​is ideal that all this happens, because it allows him to have or include variants. Being able to provide his people with fresh ideas enhances the project and now in more than one knows the player can access a salary in which the goals go up. Much work ahead for the technical secretariat, but with full expectations. We will see.


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