Masks: “it is illusory to advise FFP2 to the general public, people will not support it”, according to a French Dr. Handschuh

While the variants, and in particular the British ones, are increasingly concerned about their greater contagion, the High Council for Public Health (HCSP) seems to advise against the use of certain fabric masks, considered not sufficiently filtering.

Some European countries go even further by imposing the specific use of a Mask FFP2 in transport and stores. This is the case in Germany and Austria. The FFP2 mask is, in fact, considered more protective than so-called surgical masks and other fabric masks, since it filters at least 94% of aerosols. In France, until now, it is mainly aimed at health professionals, in daily contact with patients with Covid-19. But will the government follow the German and Austrian examples?

General practitioner Dr. Richard Handschuh is not convinced. “The FFP2 performs better than the FFP1, just try to use it for three hours straight and you will see that it is uncontrollable”, he stressed in CNEWS, during the Evening Info program. . And to add: “it is illusory to advise FFP2 to the general public, people will not support it”.

According to the doctor, “you have to be very satisfied with FFP1, which was also extremely accessible”.

For now, the HSCP recommendations have not been released and the Ministry of Health has not yet decided on the issue.

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