Mary Romero traveled to Milan with a single goal: to get out of there with the european super bantamweight on his waist. She complied. She arrived as a champion and left with the same status. The Murcian, 36, defeated by unanimous decision (100-88, 100-88 and 98-90) to Maria Cecchi, who proposed a guerrilla war and that caused the lawsuit to be obscured. Despite this, the victory of the Spanish was clear. The local raised no boxing, all street fighting and Mary swept it away. She was far superior.

From the first assault, the plan of both was clearly seen. Romero knew that she was the visitor, for that reason, Despite the fact that she was the defender of the title, she took the ‘role of applicant’. She came out to close the space and strike hard. Cecchi was overcome, she didn’t get a job. Give the end of the second act, the local began to muddy the lawsuit. The referee had no objections and that turned the fight into an all-out war. Mary wanted to work, Cecchi pick the fight. Once in the clinch came the headbutts, the shoulder strikes…everything but the sport he was supposed to play.

Romero entered the rag, perhaps he had to be a little colder, but his experience was worth a lot and he did not shrink. Cecchi was getting dirtier and it all came to light in the seventh round. The Italian saw that Mary did not stay that long and she continued to show other bad arts. She turned around in a hold, the referee did not stop the actions and the Spanish hit her twice. Cecchi doesn’t know the rules and hit him with a clear header. The referee deducted two points. He was able to disqualify her, but the location weighed. There, Cecchi fell apart and Romero was able to connect something else. He arrived with big hands and the Italian ended up asking for the time. The Murcian comes back with the title… and also with some stitches due to the applicant’s headers. Cecchi was lost in the war and Mary resisted like the champion she is. After three Europeans, the World Cup should be next.


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