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Marta Rivera: “Sport is the lever of social change”

Marta Rivera: "Sport is the lever of social change"

Marta Rivera de la Cruz (52 years old, Lugo) is, since June 2021, the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sports of the Government of the Community of Madrid. She was a deputy in the Cortes and chaired the Committee on Culture and Sports of the Congress of Deputies. Now, she takes stock of AS before the next regional elections.

What has been your most significant achievement in sports policy since you took office?

If we have succeeded in anything, it has been in bringing sport to all corners of the region and to all citizens, regardless of their abilities. Not only have we attracted major sporting events, but we are modernizing our facilities, such as the Puerta de Hierro Sports Center. We have supported town halls with aid to promote sport, and allocated more than 31 million in support to federations, sports clubs and also athletes.

What is your vision for the future of sport in Madrid?

We have to continue betting on educating the population in sporting habits. Sport is synonymous with quality of life and physical and mental health. For that, we are going to continue promoting sport in all ways.

What measures has your council taken to promote sports participation in underrepresented groups?

Although women are increasingly present in sport, our aid granting system gives priority to federations that manage to attract more female federation files. We are committed to equality in sport with the involvement of the entities that work daily with athletes. In addition, inclusive sport is fundamental, which has led us to today having 46 schools in 26 centers aimed at athletes with disabilities.

How do you plan to address the lack of sports facilities in some areas of Madrid?

There is always room for improvement, but the Community invests 19 million euros in aid to town halls so that they promote and facilitate access to sport for citizens. With regard to the facilities managed by the Community, we have invested 10.5 million euros in their modernization.

Marta Rivera de la Cruz.CAM

What role do you see for sport in Madrid’s post-pandemic recovery?

Sport is the lever of social change of our time, it reinforces social relationships and is based on values ​​such as effort, discipline, teamwork and respect, essential elements in personal, family, social, academic and work development. . In this sense, sport acquired a leading role in the period immediately after the pandemic. It became an active engine for recovery. Now sport has established itself as a revulsive for society and the economy. If we take into account that, for example, the Madrid Marathon generates a return for the city of more than 40 million euros, it can be concluded that sport is a key part of the economy and generates tourism, a factor that we cannot forget. .

What programs has your council implemented to promote physical activity in young people?

We have different sports programs aimed at this segment of the population. Through our Institutes for the Promotion of Physical Activity and Sports; from Madrid Sports Community; of our Children’s Sports programs; Through the Inclusive Sports Program at School and the Spanish School Championships, we reach nearly 280,000 students throughout the Madrid region.

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