Marco Sangalli to Racing in another Pombo operation with Oviedo


The Basque attacker is very close to terminating his contract with the Carbayón club to sign with the Racinguista squad, just like his former teammate did in the last summer market

In the best style of Jorge Pombo in the last summer market, the extreme right Marco Sangalli will leave Real Oviedo to join the Royal Racing Club of Santander. Sources close to the player and the Carbayón team confirm that there were problems in the renewal of the San Sebastian player and that for this reason he prefers to go out in this winter window.

The curious thing about the case is that Marco Sangalli he would repeat the steps of his former teammate at Oviedo, Jorge Pombo. And it is that the midfielder from Zaragoza also found problems in the renewal with the Oviedista team and preferred to leave Carlos Tartiere to reach the Santander Racing.

sangalli racing
Jorge Pombo terminated his contract with Oviedo at the beginning of this season, and went to Racing Santander. Marco Sangalli will do the same.

Jorge Pombo and Marco Sangalli will be partners again but this time at Racing Santander

In the 2021-22 season, the attacker and the attacking midfielder shared changing rooms at the Carbayón club. However, one played more than the other and that was the reason why Pombo decided to switch gears to a team that would give him more opportunities in the starting eleven. Now the footballer from Zaragoza is a key player in the Verdiblanco club and the same fate could await the right-handed winger.

Sangalli has played just 498 minutes this season with the Oviedo jersey and his stay there is uncomfortable. That would be the reason why he does not want to continue under the orders of Álvaro Cervera and that is where Racing arrives opportunely with an offer that has almost convinced the Basque attacker.

According to sources close to Racing already Marco Sangalli, the operation is close to closing

Although the 30-year-old winger is still on the Oviedista squad, sources close to his entourage state that the termination of the contract is close to being signed. That is what they are waiting for in the Racinguista entity to carry out the signing of him in this same winter market, and make him the number 1 contract in this window.

For coach José Alberto López it is a quite successful move for a field that has been weak in some games. The last league match and the recent elimination from the Copa del Rey show the tremendous flaw in the attack line. Marco Sangalli plays as a winger but he is quite a collaborator with the forwards and midfielders, generating many more options on goal.


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