Home Sports Marcelo Gallardo in the Betis chamber just in case with Pellegrini

Marcelo Gallardo in the Betis chamber just in case with Pellegrini

There are serious doubts at Betis about the continuity of Pellegrini, not because of a bad job by the Chilean coach, but because they consider that a change of stage is taking place and they want Marcelo Gallardo to lead it

The work that Pellegrini has done in recent years has been extraordinary. No one doubted his incredible quality as his coach, because wherever he has gone he has accumulated important successes. However, we have now learned that he Betis is closely following Marcelo Gallardo for what could happen with the Chilean coach during the summer transfer market.

As we know, this summer there are going to be important movements in the club. Heavyweights will come out and everything points to the end of the cycle. An end of the cycle that could cause Pellegrini to say goodbye, since they consider that another coach should be the one to lead this project. And as we have mentioned, Betis’ favorite is Marcelo Gallardo.

Betis does not lose sight of Marcelo Gallardo
Marcelo Gallardo likes a lot in Seville

Marcelo Gallardo, the Betis favorite

In the verdiblanca directive, no one doubts that few coaches are better than Pellegrini. However, they do have doubts about whether he is the ideal one to lead this change of stage after everything he has experienced in recent years. And it is that they begin to perceive a certain sensation of wear within the dressing room.

That is why they have been exploring market options and Marcelo Gallardo is the one he likes the most. The Argentine coach has been without a team since he left River Plate and is waiting for a call from Europe. Many teams would be willing to welcome him, Betis being one of the teams that has shown the most interest.

The doll awaits the call of a great

However, and although Betis’s interest would exist as long as Pellegrini leaves the club, Marcelo Gallardo’s plans do not go through Benito Villamarín. The Argentine coach enjoys a very good reputation and everything indicates that it is only a matter of time until a great European team calls him to lead their project.

So that, the possibility of seeing Marcelo Gallardo at Betis next season is small. But there is a possibility and Ramón Planes, if the opportunity presents itself to him, he is willing to take advantage of it. And it is that in the world of football you can never take anything for impossible. Be that as it may, we will have to keep waiting to see how the future of the Argentine coach and the Chilean coach is resolved.

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