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Manic attack at Tokyo subway station

According to media reports, a fan attacked a Tokyo subway station with a sharp instrument and injured several people.

According to police officials, the man assaulted the man with a knife. Ten people were injured in the attack. Most of the injured are women. The state of one of them is said to be critical.

After the brutal operation, the defendant jumped off the train and fled, while the defendant also left his weapon and mobile phone, but due to the Tokyo Olympics, high-alert police arrested the defendant immediately after the incident.

According to media reports, the fan’s target was women. The arrested defendant has been identified as Yusuke Sushima. Immediately after the incident, the train between the two stations was stopped.

It should be remembered that a knife attack occurred in Tokyo in 1919, when a schoolgirl standing at a bus stop was attacked, as a result of which two students were killed and seventeen were injured.

Earlier, a passenger was killed and two others injured in a knife attack on a bullet train in 2118.

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